Found Era Bodyboard Fins - Blue / Yellow

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Undeniable design. Evolution fifty million years in the making. Stoke, Style, Power. They are our wheels, without them we dramatically reduce our ability to gain and control our speed in the hydro world. Nature provides the design we provide the aesthetics in colours and material composition specifically made from 100% natural floating Malaysian rubber. 


  • 100% natural floating rubber
  • Dual density rubber
  • Drainage holes for fast water release
  • Contoured foot pocket
  • Made in Malaysia


"You can tell these fins have been designed by a bodyboarder of Mitch Rawlins caliber. Every aspect of them is flawless in our humble opinion. The fantastic drainage holes are big enough to flush out all types of shale and stones and the stiff blades offer immense propulsion. To be honest, we're quite taken by their brilliance. Don't get freaked out by the slimy feel of the surflex material when first unboxed though, it genuinely reduces the chance of foot rubs. Happy days" Phill Underwood

Brand Found 
Model Era
Size UK
M 7 - 8.5