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 With fanatical passion we're a team of dedicated bodyboarders who have established a respectable business out of what was once just a pastime. Our bodyboard shop is just that, we don't do anything else but bodyboards and bodyboarding accessories.

Over the years we’ve got to know pretty much everything there is about bodyboarding (seriously, ask us anything) which means we can offer expert buying advice, un-rivalled knowledge of equipment, awareness of the best bodyboarding spots and unmatched expertise regarding bodyboarding technique.

Based in the UK, on the south coast, just outside Bournemouth 





Buyers Guide

Trying to get your head round all of the kit that you need to get the most out of bodyboarding can get a little confusing. Our buyers guides get the right model, fit and design for your ability.


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Twenty five years of bodyboarding experience, the best advice from the leading knowledge in the sport. Find information on our shop, ordering, shipping, returns and the Bodyboard-Depot team.

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