Slabs and Laughs with Aaron Withers

Slabs and Laughs with Aaron Withers

Bodyboard-Depot team rider Aaron Withers recently made the trip up to the north coast of Scotland with the Bristol Bodyboarding Club. 

We caught up with Aaron to get the low down on what looked like a totally epic trip. 

Hey Aaron, so your recent trip up north looked sick fun. 

Can you tell us a little bit about it and how it came about (when did you go, who with, how long were you up there, who organised it etc)?

So, as you know I organised the Alaia Bay, Swiss wavepool trip for the Bristol club, so I thought I’d try a new one for a long weekend, but with a difference to Scotland. We went the first weekend of November knowing we’d probably score waves, ok weather and not absolute Baltic water.

Did you score? Where? What were the conditions like?

I’d say we scored some decent stuff, nice empty shallow slabs. Hardly any wind, tide times favoured us too. We did ride a new wave and named it ‘Brizzles’. It was a wave out the front of the villa, a small harbour slab that wedges off the wall and was carnage. How did we know it hasn’t been ridden? The local fisherman in the pub that night, one saw us all bobbing around and jumped in the wall shouting at us for being mad and filmed us and late that night. The fisherman confirmed they never seen anyone ever even swim there, let alone take the waves on, so yeah; Brizzles was formed.

Who was the ripper of the tour? 

Bryan Paynter, what a ledge, he was the instigator to what we named ‘ The Death Slab’ and led the way dropping into some pretty decent lumps. I'd say Willy after that.

Were there any injuries? 

The Scottish slabs gained a few grams of flesh. Andre’s chin kissed a couple, a few sliced hands, but thankfully nothing to serious.

Any funny stories that you are allowed to share? 

A couple funny ones involving a penguin and most definitely Bradley’s ability to wipeout! The locals at the pub took to Leo regarding his dryrobe…apparently they don’t like them in Scotland, especially being worn to the pub!

Will you be going again and will this be a regular thing for the Bristol Bodyboarding Club? 

I think we will definitely be going again. It’s a bodyboarders dream location, if planned right! The charts change so much, but it’s about finding the locations. Manage that and it’s a winner.

Are the trips open to the public or do you have to join the Bristol Bodyboarding Club to gain a spot for the next one?

Both the Alaia Bay and this trip have been huge successes. Joining the club opens it up for riders to be able to join others on trips, but the ones I’m planning for the future will be open to the public! Myself and my old school friend, Jon Steele have started up ‘Bodyboard Retreats’. The aim is to provide high end, but affordable trips to some of the worlds best waves for intermediate to advanced riders. We are launching our first two retreats in the spring, so give us a follow on Instagram to get a chance to jump on. 
Thanks Aaron, sounds exciting. We look forward to seeing where you head next.

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