MS Vipers Bodyboard Fins - Black / Yellow

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Long-established bodyboarding fin wizards, Viper, have teamed up with nine-time world champion Mike Stewart to create this signature fin. Using his years of top-end bodyboarding experience Stewart has masterly updated their traditional design. Check out its creds:


  • Delta tip fin to minimize drag and enhance control when trimming and turning
  • Triple hole foot pocket drainage - that takes some beating
  • Rivet grip tread to enhance traction over slippery rocks
  • Generous foot pocket up to XXL for those with feet like woolly mammoths
  • Beveled side rails for excellent rigidity and control
  • High floatation factor makes them visible should they come off



After using these fins we can categorically say they provide the fastest acceleration over a short distance, great for powering into heavy waves or avoiding a gnarly close-out.

The boxy design works well for both prone and drop knee riders.

The increase in speed that you will feel from the MS Viper is noticeable.

Still not sure what pair of bodyboard fins are for you? Have a few questions? Please take a look at our Bodyboard Fin Buyers Guide before you make your purchase.



Brand MS Viper
Size UK
S 5-6
M 7-8
ML 8-9
L 9-10
XL 10-11
XXL 12-13