Bodyboard-Depot Jacket with Detachable Hood

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The Bodyboard-Depot jacket with detachable hood is the bomb.

Look good and stay warm and dry at the same time.

This classically good looking hooded jacket has a few tricks up it's sleeve! Beneath those stunning good looks brought by the box quilted padding and MA1 styling, lies a double zip construction creating a great layering effect, whilst allowing simple and clean removal of the hood and storm flap. Fashionable, interchangeable lightweight style for every wardrobe!

Join the Bodyboard-Depot rider and rock our stylish quilted Jacket. Iain Campbell, Cerven Cotter, Phil Underwood, Matt Sharman, Matt Davies and Zhaidys Perez have worked hard at perfecting their moves while proudly wearing our banner. 

  • Unisex Design
  • Shower and windproof
  • Double zip with interchangeable storm flap and hood
  • Knitted rib cuff and waist
  • Box quilt detail with zipped pockets and inner pocket
  • Fashionable quilted design
  • Classic MA1 styling in slim fit
  • Easy to pack
  • Super air-soft handle with faux down polyester fibre – light and warm