Pride Bodyboards Liam's Obsessor PP SDC+

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If you have followed Liam's evolution, you might understand why his board is called the Obsessor. Liam is obsessed with style, flow, and technique, and he has honed his riding to emulate his favorite riders as he grew up.

As one of the smoothest operators of his generation, Liam's flawless lines and rotations are made even easier thanks to the generous and curvy outline of his board. The Obsessor has the widest and lowest wide-point within our range and is coupled with a relatively narrow tail, providing excellent volume under the chest and quick release during rotations. If your goal is to enhance your scooping skills and rotations while having a fantastic all-rounder for all conditions, the Obsessor is the board for you.

This version of the Obsessor comes equipped with the latest Kinetic Polypro Core, is an advanced bodyboard core that is lightweight (1.9 lbs PCF) and fused together to create a nucleus that offers exceptional flex properties, such as immediate recoil, increased longitudinal stiffness, and impressive compression strength. It is used by all professionals today.

Single to Double bottom contour increases lift and speed in smaller conditions by optimizing water flow beneath your board. It has become the current standard for highest-quality bottom contours.

  • CORE: PP (perfect for UK)
  • DECK: 8pcf NXL PE Deck Skin (Ltd Contour Deck)
  • STRINGER: 1 x Carbon Fibre Stringer
  • SLICK: Surlyn 
  • RAILS: 55/45 rails
  • TAIL: Crescent Tail
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES:  Single to Double concave,Nose Bulbs, Mesh system