Bodyboard-Depot Fin Slippers

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Grab a pair of our UK designed Bodyboard-Depot Fins Slippers and make nasty fin rubs a thing of the past. Designed by the Bodyboard-Depot team for travel or home use, these kit must-haves are of premium quality, maximising comfort whilst you paddle out. They're a fast-seller so get your mitts on them pronto.

  • Comfy foot pocket professionally shaped in the UK of unrivalled premium quality
  • Strong Velcro fastener on heel pad so it stays put
  • Soft, smooth 2mm neoprene throughout preventing rubs and abrasions
  • Stylish Bodyboard-Depot logo on heel pad
  • Available in Black
  • Designed and made in the UK

Even if we do say it ourselves, our Fin Slippers are the business, and they're readily available, due to manufacturing taking place right here in the UK.

 The plush feel, high level of craftsmanship and best-fit foot pocket beating any of its competitors will see you donning these beauts through many a season, which makes them great value in the long run.

Small = UK size: 4-6

Medium = UK size: 7-9

Large = UK size: 10-12