Science Bodyboards Tanner Ltd Tri Quad F7 NRG

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The 2022 Science Tanner LTD Tri Quad F7 bodyboard is Tanner McDaniel's pro model in its low-density polypropylene version, slick surlyn with mesh and quad concave channels. Along with an outline a little narrower than normal but more curved, it is a bodyboard that provides projection, speed and control.

Thanks to the low-density polypropylene core, you will get a light board, with a medium flex, perfect for all types of waters.

The Science Tanner McDaniel Limited Edition NRG bodyboard is the masterpiece of the wonder kid. The prodigy, wonder kid, phenom: some of the words used to describe this true freak of nature. At 15, he was already considered among the worlds best and he is without a doubt the best 17 year old there is. On his first year on the World Tour he was voted Rookie of the year, the youngest in the sports history. If he keeps on his trajectory he will transcend the sport, taking bodyboarding to it’s rightful destination. If you want a vision of the future of wave riding, look no further.


  • Core: NRG
  • Deck: Wave cushion Air 8lb PE Deck
  • Stringer: 1x Carbon Fibre Stringer
  • Slick: Surlyn Slick Skin
  • Channels: Tri Quad 
  • Signature Tanner Deck Contour
  • Tail: Tri Tail
  • 55/45 Double Rails
  • Nose Bulbs
  • Tail Piece

The Science Tanner McDaniel Limited Edition Tri Quad Bodyboard is the newest pro model to come from the Science range. His board has clean contours and a sick shape for doing the most technical maneuvers.