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The Bodyboard-Depot 2021/22 TZ-1 is probably the best bodyboard in its class on the market. Not only is it one of the strongest boards under £120, but it is built to last with excellent buoyancy and a Pro template that makes catching waves easy. This year, we've added a supporting plate of higher density material called SPER to the PE core. This is layered, reinforced Polyethylene foam, which adds next to no weight to the board and substitutes the need for a stringer, giving the TZ-1 skeletal strength and the ability to last way beyond its competitors. 

  • PE Closed Cell Polyethylene deck (EVA),
  • PE SPER core with double lined rails for extra strength
  • Crescent tail for stability and awesome trimming
  • HDPE slick for rapid recoil and board longevity
  • 60/40 rails that maintain speed but release well for manoeuvres
  • Graduated Channels to enhance speed
  • Unique BB-D Logos

The TZ-1 has incredible amounts of spring and recoil, which is the magic ingredient that really makes a bodyboard perform. We have designed it to get you shredding without breaking the bank.

It's a cost effective and durable board that will see your riding skyrocket and your addiction to bodyboarding grow.

Team Rider Phil Underwood

" An amazing board with a Pro template for under £120!! What are you waiting for"

Warning: It's no Toy!!