Thrash Bodyboarding Fin Laces Neon Yellow

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Loosing fins has never been harder.

Waves are pumping, can't loose fins, need to surf without loosing fins.

Thrash Fin Laces, Lash them to your ankle and fins in the blink of an eye before diving into the surf for an epic session. They're easily adjustable and really lightweight in fact you won't even know you're wearing them, a highly recommended piece of kit.


  • Lightweight construction that easily tucks into wetsuits
  • Easy tie laces
  • Funky Neon Yellow Thrash embossed logo

We've tested these Thrash no-nonsense fin laces and they totally get the thumbs up.

Their light weight design is perfect for every day shredding and they don't add any drag. The Neon logo is also nice and bold giving extra security.

All in all they're excellent value for money.