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UK Bodyboard Shop. Bodyboards & Bodyboarding Accessories on Sale!

With fanatical passion we're a team of dedicated bodyboarders who have established a respectable business out of what was once just a pastime. Our bodyboard shop is just that, we don't do anything else but bodyboards and bodyboarding accessories.

Over the years we’ve got to know pretty much everything there is about bodyboarding (seriously, ask us anything) which means we can offer expert buying advice, un-rivalled knowledge of equipment, awareness of the best bodyboarding spots and unmatched expertise regarding bodyboarding technique.

Based in the UK, we have two shops, one in Newquay, Cornwall, the other on the south coast, just outside Bournemouth, combined with our online store, means you can buy bodyboard gear, wherever you are, 24/7!

New for 2017…

Unfortunately, the irony in bodyboarding is that it’s not the most environmentally friendly of past times. Namely the petrochemicals used and carbon emitted in the production of boards, wetsuits, fins, board shorts, sun cream and even the wax we apply to our boards. 

Committed to evolving as an organisation and becoming ever more environmentally conscious, we are excited to announce that for every order placed on the Bodyboard-depot website, we will plant a tree. We’ve partnered with a passionate tree-planting organisation seeking to offset carbon emissions and rewild environmentally impoverished areas of Europe. 


In addition to this exciting new partnership, we are also proud to be stocking a new range of non-toxic, environmentally friendly products for 2017, including sun creams, wetsuit cleaner, board waxes, and even recycled plastic mail bags.