Bodyboard-Depot Wax in a tin Cool / Cold

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Our very own Bodyboard-Depot wax in a tin. Designed with bodyboards in mind. All natural ingredients so won't harm the oceans or the creatures in it.

The perfect sticky wax for UK waters, which also smells amazing. The metal tin keeps your wax from messing up your van / car or bodyboarding gear.

  • Cold-Cool water below 68°F / 20°C
  • Specifically designed to adhere to PE decks (foam tops).
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable, all-natural
  • Tropical scent
  • Comes in a reusable metal tin to keep your car / van clean.

Cool/Cold: Use for water temps below 68°F/20°C Warm/Trop: Use for water temps above 68°F/20°C A universal wide-range temperature wax Non-toxic, biodegradable, all-natural scents.