Pride Bodyboards The Timeless Recycled PE

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Pure and traditional, put simply… timeless. Creating a multi facet team board is a lot like giving 10 blokes the keys to a Ferrari, and informing them to drive it like its stolen. The concept of The Timeless model  is to apply knowledge from our global team and massage that into a board package which creates an experience for you, the rider. Now available with a 63% recycled PE core. 

  • CORE: Recycled PE
  • DECK: LTD Contoured Deck, 8pcf NXL PE Deck Skin
  • STRINGER: 1 x Carbon Fibre Stringer
  • RAILS: 55/45 rails
  • TAIL: Bat Tail
Brand Pride
Model The Timeless
Core Recycled PE
Stringers 1 x Carbon Fibre
Tail Type Crescent