Bodyboard-Depot Stretchy Board Sock

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The Bodyboard-Depot stretchy board sock. A stylish way to stow or carry your board. It comes with a reinforced nylon nose piece for extra protection with a toggled string pull to tighten the sock up at the base. The high quality Black towelling material makes you stand out from other boogers.

  • Super-soft material, can be used as board protection or a towel
  • Reinforced Nylon nose patch with our own logo for extra protection
  • Hard-wearing fabric comprising acrylic, polyester and spandex blend
  • Drawstring with barrel lock to keep your board snug
  • Big enough for 38" to 45" Bodyboards
  • Inside pocket 

You should never be without a BB-D Bodyboard cover.

We have tested them in Indonesia and across Europe and they are amazingly handy.

On a recent trip to Portugal they were particularly useful while stacking multiple boards in our hire car boot to keep them nicely protected.

We also used them as changing mats, the sand and dirt easily flies off once they're dry.

A sweet addition to your bodyboarding kit.