Bodyboard-Depot Wetsuit cleaner (Eco Friendly)

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We love the smell of our very own Eco Friendly Wetsuit cleaner. To deodorise and clean all neoprene items, but most importantly your wetsuit. The Lavender and Chamomile Eco Friendly formula gently removes any dirt and unwanted odours whilst being safe for you and the sea. Comes with a handy Carabiner clip and when you've  finished you have a reusable 400ml metal bottle.

  • Eco Friendly Formula  - Kind to you, your wetsuit and the ocean.
  • 400ml of Lavender & Chamomile sanitiser ( enough for 8 washes)
  • Reusable 400ml metal bottle with carabiner 
  • Stylish Bodyboard-Depot logo on front
  • Designed and made in the UK

Simply add 50ml to a bucket of water and submerge your wetsuit, gloves and socks for up to 5 mins. Leave to drip dry. Solution can be applied in stronger dilutions for bad odours or directly onto the problem areas.

Most importantly it smells great...