Bodyboarding Book "Born To Boogie"

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Born to Boogie is a collection of tales told by bodyboarding legends about the amazing story of bodyboarding. It tracks how the sport flourished and faltered, then fought back to become one of the most exciting extreme sports in the world today.

  • Includes over fourteen accounts of the sport from bodyboarding legends
  • Packed with iconic images from four decades
  • Features key milestones such as the 2000 Tahiti Skins contest

This immense publication plots the history of our beloved sport through its legendary pioneers, personalities and champions.

It also includes landmark events which changed the course of bodyboarding history which are absolutely fascinating.

We reckon Born to Boogie is a must-have for every bodyboarder.

Among the legends profiled are Tom Morey, Mike Stewart, Pat Caldwell, Joe Wolfson, Ben Severson, Michael Eppo Eppelstun, Guilherme Tamega, Andre Botha, Ryan Hardy, Damian King, Ben Player, Jeff Hubbard, Mitch Rawlins, Pierre Louis Costes and more...