Hippy Cream Eco Friendly Skin Care

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HIPPY CREAM is a PREMIUM product. Eco-friendly skincare. Mineral solar protection based on a physical filter that protects your skin from sun radiation. Its formula is made of organic and natural ingredients, harmless to your health and the environment.

We want to enjoy what we love. Furthermore we would like it to be respected. It ́s perfect as it is. We dream of a sustainable way of life, enjoying the Nature.




FPS 50+

No Plastics

Water Resistant

Organic & Natural Ingredients

Wide Spectrum UVA / UVB

No Oxibenzone, No Octinoxate



How to use.

1. With your fingers, rub the paste in circles.
2. Apply over your nose, cheekbones, lips and other sensitive face areas.
3. When a thin layer is clearly visible, then you are fully protected. Enjoy your sport. 4. Reapply every 2-3 hours for further protection.
5. When your activity is finished, remove the sunscreen with a towel.
6. Now you can feel your skin moisturised and really smooth.