ISS Interchangeable Stringers

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The story behind this new feature is the ability to change the flex of your board before your session. Conditions change day to day and session to session so thie ISS system allows you to tweak the board for the conditions. If its a bit more choppy put the softer stringer in, if its super clean or high summer just stick a slightly stiffer stringer in and off you go.

  • Soft Flex - 20% FS / 80% Directional Fibreglass
  • Mid Flex - 20% Carbon / 80% Fibreglass spiral (Comes with Board)
  • Carbon Fibre - 3k Carbon Fibre
  • Stiff Flex - 60% Carbon / 40% Fibreglass spiral

There are four different flex calibrated stringers available, each one varying in stiffness.

The stringers fit into a snug fitting watertight tube and are held into place using a special key that screws into the end of the stringer creating a watertight seal.

Brand ISS Stringer
Info Medium 39" - 41", Large 41.5" - 43"