Movement Magazine No: 46 - The Global Issue

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Introducing Issue 46 - The Global Issue

The term 'lockdown' has entered the vernacular faster than any slang over the past decade. They’re a shared experience; much like wave-riding has always been, in one way or another.

With the pandemic grinding world travel to a halt for many, home has been thrust into the spotlight – wherever you call yours. The sharpest blades were relegated to the countries that raised them, cutting up local waves with the same fervour and grace as they would Pipeline or Chopes. In places where surfing was off limits – whether due to distance or the law – connecting online was a way to peer into the sessions happening around the world. Spots normally blown out with tourists were blissfully quiet, while local lineups bulged to the size of small festivals complete with jet skis and all manner of documentarians. In fact, every bodyboarder and his dog is now a fully-fledged vlogger – and we’re not too sure how we feel about that.



  • Rock Bottom Part 1 - with Lewy Finnegan.

  • Comp News - 2021 Fronton King Crowned

  • Full of everything in the Bodyboarding world

  • Watch - Jared Houston in 'Lockdown Chowdown'

  • Tom Morey - A Tribute To A True Visionary

  • Noise - WARDXCROW

  • Watch - Not Far From Coned.

  • Comp News - The 2021 Pride Annaelle Challenge is upon us.

  • And much much more.....


Dubbed ‘The Global Issue’, this collectors edition is a celebration of the home zones of riders both well-versed and fresh to the pages of Movement including Dave Winchester, Shane Ackerman, The Hubbs, Chris James, Manea Fabisch, Lilly Pollard, PLC, George Humphreys, Isabella Sousa, Andre Botha, Shayden Schrader, Jared Houston, Ben Player, Iain Campbell, Jess Landrigan, Tanner McDaniel, Chase O'Leary, Aden Kleve, Mitch Rawlins, Ayaka Suzuki, Mitch Blewitt, Antonio Cardoso, Ryan Hardy, The Ward brothers, Valentina Diaz, Jack Baker, Ryan Sewell and many, many more.

It’s a limited run, order it online or get it from your local Bodyboard store before it sells out.