Bodyboard-Depot Accessories

Bodyboard-Depot Accessories


We Don't only sell Bodyboards here at the Depot. We also sell products that make your bodyboarding experience more enjoyable. We have our own range of accessories that we have ethically sourced from the UK and we have removed as much plastic as we can to help save our oceans and planet. 

We have:

  1. Bodyboard Depot Fin Slippers
  2. Bodyboard Depot Deluxe Heel Shields
  3. Bodyboard Depot fin Strings
  4. Bodyboard Depot Eco Wetsuit Cleaner
  5. Bodyboard Depot TZ-1 PE Bodyboard
  6. Bodyboard Depot Apparel
  7. Bodyboard Depot Bicep Leash
  8. Bodyboard Depot Large Logo Sticker


We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge, passion and expertise whilst striving to provide the highest standards in customer service.
The Bodyboard Depot supply the largest stock across the best brands on the International marker.

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