Bodyboard Buyers Guide

Trying to get your head round all of the kit that you need to get the most out of bodyboarding can get a little confusing.

There’s a bit of tech here, usually a scrap of jargon there and a whole heap of decision-making in the middle. Now remove that furrow from your brow, we can unscramble the whole deal for you. We don’t use jargon in our buyer’s guides and if there’s kit specific features we explain them in detail. We do this because it’s vitally important you get the right model, fit and design for your ability. The best kit for you, means more waves and more fun!

Click on any of the sections below to find out more about each piece of kit...


Decks, slicks, rails and tails


Sizes, fit, materials and types


Wrist, bicep, coil and swivels


Wheely, single, double, padded and travel


Summer, winter, long and short


Wax, tethers, fins socks & other essentials