Buying Accessories

Accessories Buyer's Guide


It's often the smaller things in your bodyboarding life that can make the difference between an average session and a totally epic one. That's why we've set ourselves a mission. To seek out the most stylish and functional accessories in existence to ensure your encounters in the ocean are never mediocre. Not only that. When we've not been able to source just what you need we've designed and produced it. Check out our range and see for yourselves.


Bodyboard Wax

You need super-sticky grip where your hands hold onto your board. On a new board you need less tacky stuff for a mellow layer where you're going to lay. We have both areas covered!




Fin Tethers

Hang onto those fins. We only sell them in pairs so losing a fin or both will ruin your session or even your whole trip! We have every brand of Fin Tether in stock and we've tested them all. Just call us if you need any advice about which to choose.




Fin Socks, Fin Slippers, Finserts and Heel Shields

Keep your feet toasty and avoid nasty fin rubs with awesome neoprene footwear and fin protection. We've got all the leading brands as well as our own range.



DVDs and Magazines

Own some of the most classic bodyboarding DVDs and magazines available as well as the most up to date print and silver screen productions. 




From Bodyboard Instruction Manuals and Bodyboard Travel Guides to Bodyboard History Books we've got the kit to keep you informed whether at home or abroad. All the books are penned by our own mighty hand so if you have any questions about them why not drop us a line? We'd be stoked to have a chat.


Remember - we're bodyboarding experts so just ask if you need any advice!