NMD Bodyboards Ben Player ISS NRG+

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The NMD Player NRG Core Bodyboard has been designed using cutting-edge expansion cell technology, NRG+ Core is a cool water core specifically designed to meet key performance characteristics as demanded by worldwide team riders.

This bodyboard achieves an unprecedented triple-double, allowing generations to experience patented style and 100% focus with dominating line-ups from Pipeline to Padang. The boards template is product of hours spent in the ocean.

The wide nose and tail sync perfectly with a relatively low wide-point, creating a unique prone curve built to carve tight in the pocket and project out of the thickest lips. Designed for performance as well as the ability to generate immense style on the waves."



  • SPEC:
    1.4Lb NRG+ Core
    8Lb PE Deck
    Surlyn Slick with Mesh
    Nose / Tail Bumpers
    Nose Bulbs
    Crescent Tail
  • Mesh Reinforcement
    ISS Stringer System