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Dave Winchester is famous for his powerful & explosive Style. He has refined his template over the years to advance his style of surfing. The Winchester template is VS' most versatile curve as it has a slightly wider wide point  which enable the rider to sit higher to gain more speed for big airs' & deep tubes. The board combines the Polypro Core with a Crabon fibre CFT Stringer & mesh to give it extra strength, recoil & durability. VS has also added the traxion Line contour to this years Kinetic PPModel

Dave Winchester has brought his style, versatilty & all round talent to VS. Winny has created this model for the those after a version of his template in Polypro core at an affordable price. Dave has a legion of fans through his explosive & elegant wave riding. This model is a great choice if you dream of riding like Winny one day.

NOTE: This board will be despatched direct from the Supplier

  • Kinetic PP Core
  • Parallel Flex System
  • ISS Stringer system
  • Surlyn Slick
  • Winchester Signature Template
  • Nose and Tail bumpers
  • 55/45 Double Rails
  • React Slick Mesh
  • Concave Channels

Dave Winchester is without doubt a freak of nature. He has claimed a World Title, is admired by his peers and marvelled by those lucky enough to share a session in the salt with him. His trademark is explosive surfing, especially when he takes to the air.