Stealth Bodyboards Golden Child NRG+

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George Humphreys is the Golden Child

The Golden Child NRG+ is the same template as his previous El Gringo model, with a refreshing look and the best materials for cold waters.

Since George Humphreys’ is relatively new to the Stealth Team, it took Stealth a while to develop a board for him to ride. The brief was pretty simple. “Thin with big nose bulbs”. STEALTH knew it needed to handle mutant wedges and XL slabs. They've created exactly that in the Golden Child.

This construction is perfect in powerful and hollow waves and cold waters.

  • CORE: NRG+
  • DECK: Cellu-Cushion® 8lb PE
  • STRINGER: 1 x Professional Carbon Fibre Recoil Stringer
  • SLICK: Du Pont Surlyn Slick Skin
  • RAILS: 55/45 Chine Double Rails 
  • TAIL: Crescent Tail
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES:  George Humphreys Designed Pro Contour, NV Mesh Two Piece Tail