Turbo Bodyboards Turbo 5 PP

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New for 2022 is the 10th Anniversary Turbo 5. Designed in 1.9 pcf beaded polypro is perfect for the warmer waters of Europe. This board has clean contours and a sick shape for doing the most technical manoeuvres.

  • PP 1.9pcf Beaded Polypro 
  • Deck 8lb NXL
  • Crescent Tail
  • Surlyn slick for rapid recoil and board longevity
  • Stringer 1 x single stringer
  • 50/50 rails that maintain speed but release well for manoeuvres
  • Slotted Channels to enhance speed
  • Unique Turbo Logos

The Turbo 5 has incredible amounts of spring and recoil, which is the magic ingredient that really makes a bodyboard perform.