VS Bodyboards Dave Winchester Quantum Wi-Fly V2 PSF3 NRG+

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The VS Winchester Quantum Wifly V2 PSF3 NRG+ has a very innovative shape:

- Bottom Quad Concave: single concave that starts at the wide point, and then becomes a double concave. Helps keep the board on the edge, provides grip and facilitates sudden changes of direction.

- WiFly Deep V Tail: it is a more extreme version of the Wifly tail, the tips are closer to the edges, the tips are longer and more voluminous so that the tail has more surface. This is why you should choose it 1/2'' longer than your usual bodyboard.

- Parabolic Flex Core: the board has two sheets of Airex foam that provide a longitudinal flex without sacrificing the extraordinary robustness of the PFS boards.

  • NRG+ perfect for UK and cooler waters
  • 1 x round Grade A  Carbon Fibre Stringers keep the board rigid great for paddling and catching waves
  • WI-Fly deep V2 tail for stability and awesome trimming
  • Surly slick for rapid recoil and board longevity
  • Winnie Line Contour
  • 55/45 Rails
  • Finger bulbs for a tight grip on those heavy landings
  • Quad concave channels enhancing control and drive while bottom turning
  • React Mesh: Diamond shaped mesh weave fused between the boards core and slick bottom skin for enhanced stiffness and recoil